You can get a FAST CASH LOAN INSTANTLY — WITH ZERO CREDIT CHECKS! On almost any item that has value


  1. Bring youself, a valid ID and your item
  2. Depending on your item, we will come to an agreement on a dollar amount for your loan
  3. You sign your 90 day pawn contract and we give you the $$$CASH$$$
  4. To receive your item back, you’ll need to return the original loan amount plus a small storage fee
  5. If life happens and for whatever reason you can not pay the total loan amount before the 90 days, you can simply pay the storage fee and receive another 30 days (This can be done as many times you need until you are ready to pay your loan off and pick your item up)


  • Pay at least the storage fee every 30 days and YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR ITEMS!
  • Contact us if you are ever unsure about the status of your loan or when your payment is due

NC Pawn provides quick and very confidential loans with ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT CHECK! In business for years, we provide a safe and friendly alternative source of funds for any of your needs. Short on rent? Have utility bills to pay? Need to pay for tuition? Car payment already late? Credit card payments behind? Just need extra cash? We are here for you at NC Pawn— ready to help!

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